makeup artist applying makeup on model wearing a red dress while seated.
celebrity makeup artist quinn murphy

As a makeup artist to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Quinn Murphy has created looks for the red carpet, TV appearances, & magazine covers.

Because no concealer looked truly skin-like or lasted long enough for his clients, Quinn wanted a product to invisibly conceal & cover without adding irritation.

QUINN hosts the top-rated beauty podcast, In My Chair.

Collage of photos of 9 models photographed in a studio.
spatch is for everyone

Unique, feather-light powder formulas in 6 makeup artist-curated shades are perfect for every skin tone, age & gender.

SPATCH is for anyone who has ever had a spot or blemish that they wanted to invisibly cover.

black male model putting SPATCH compact in his jeans pocket
invisibly conceals without irritation

SPATCH is the first hybrid powder concealer & color-corrector, offering the coverage of a traditional cream or liquid concealer. It wears lighter & longer than traditional options, without the irritation.

6 open Invisible Spot Fix compacts with 3 teal brushes
brightens, conceals, corrects

One discreet compact with two hues of ultra fine powder builds your perfect match. Each shade has specifically designed color correcting hues for all skin tones.